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This page will teach you how to cast your own content on this Philips Hotel TV

Step 1: To cast your favourite shows

Home button screen TV

Option 1

Press the home button on the remote control, the TV will change to the home screen. Navigate down to “Cast” and select it from the menu.

Cast icon remote controller

Option 2

Press the blue Chromecast button on the remote control.

Step 2: The screen will change

The screen will change to show the Wi-Fi network name with the password, and a QR code. All of which you can use to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Connect to the Wi-Fi network

Step 3: Connect to the TV Wi-Fi

Option 1: Use your mobile device

Use your mobile device to scan the QR code on the TV screen. 

Connect Manual

Option 2: Manually

Manually connect to the TV Wi-Fi.

In your mobile device settings:

  1. Go to Wi-Fi, and select the Wi-Fi network name
  2. Then enter the password to connect

If using a PC, you can manually enter the Wi-Fi network name and password to connect to the TV Wi-Fi as well.     

Step 4: The screen indicates ready to cast

Once you’ve joined the network, the screen changes on the TV and indicates ready to cast.

Screen ready to cast
Select the app

Step 5: Select what you'd like to cast

Select the app on your phone that you’d like to cast. Keep in mind some apps may not support casting yet.

Step 6: You will notice a casting icon

You will notice a casting icon on the screen of your device, select that to cast. Then choose the show of your choice. 

Devices connecting to the TV

Step 7: Connect to the TV

Your device will prompt you to connect to the TV. Select it.

When casting Netflix, the TV will ask you to sign into your account. Choose “sign in” on the TV screen, then navigate down and select sign in with QR code. Scan the code and follow the instructions.

Once you’ve connected, you’re all set to go!

Enjoy streaming your favourite shows, movies, and music exactly where you left off. At check out, your private data and user credentials will be cleared automatically for you.

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